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Analyze your LinkedIn Company Page Statistics

Successfully managing a LinkedIn Company Page is not just about the content you share. LinkedIn’s algorithm, as well as feedback from your audience, should impact what you post and when you post it. Your LinkedIn Analytics provides insights you need to evaluate the effectiveness of your inbound strategy. The LinkedIn company page offers a lot more statistics than a simple LinkedIn profile!

Morvan Carrier

Acquisition Strategist & Co-Founder

Linkedin Analytics

First of all, you should know that publishing content on a regular basis is a prerequisite to have enough data to analyze.

LinkedIn company page Statistics

The different statistics of the LinkedIn page

1- Statistics related to the traffic of the business page

This category includes all the data related to the traffic of your page:

a- Visitor highlights

It measures the evolution of the consultation of the LinkedIn page over a period of 30 days according to: the number of views of your page, unique visitors and the number of clicks on the personalized button (“see the website” located below the banner).


b- Visitor metrics

This graph gives a visual representation of page traffic taking into account the device used to view your page.


c- Visitor demographics

Visitor data is tracked and grouped by category to give you a representation of the type of visitors that come to your company page.


2 - Updates

All the data relating to the commitment of your publications are also grouped in three parts:

a - Update highlights

In this category all the interactions of your publications over the last thirty days: reactions, comments and sharing.


b- Update metrics

The evolution of the statistics of the interactions on your LinkedIn posts appear in the form of graphs to represent the different peaks of engagement.


c- Update engagement

The publications made on your page appear as a list with the performance of the publications: impressions (views), clicks, CTR (clicks divided by impressions), reactions, comments, shares and engagement rate.


3 - Followers statistics

These statistics detail the followers activity of your LinkedIn company page.

a- Follower highlights

It shows the total number of followers to your LinkedIn company page and the number of new followers obtained over the last 30 days.


b- Follower metrics

This graphical representation shows you the evolution of the number of followers on your LinkedIn pages.


c- Follower demographics

It allows you to find out more about the people who follow you by: location, function, sector of activity, hierarchical level, etc.

3Visitor_Demographics.width-768.format-webp (1)

Next to the news feed of your company page, a column of summary statistics allows you to follow at a glance: the number of unique visitors, new subscribers, impressions of posts, the number of clicks on the personalized button.


Analyze the statistics of your LinkedIn page

Knowing the statistics of your LinkedIn page is one thing, using them is another.

1 - Visitor statistics

a- Visitor highlights

1visitor_Highlights.width-768.format-webp (1)

The “views” and “visitors” allow you to measure the relevance of the animation of your page. If the number of visitors is growing, what you are doing is relevant and attracts.
The “clicks on the personalized button” is important to measure the effectiveness of your inbound marketing strategy. If the number of clicks increases, it means that visitors have entered your inbound marketing tunnel.

b- Visitor metrics

2visitor_Metrics.width-768.format-webp (1)

The traffic on the company page is not only related to the publications made. The graph allows you to follow peaks of activity that can come from different factors: posts published on LinkedIn personal profiles, the website, the newsletter, other social networks… It is also a way to measure if, the “traffic” objectives linked to certain publications on your LinkedIn page have worked.
The two curves related to the device used show whether or not it is necessary to adapt your content to the mobile phone.

c- Visitor demographics

3Visitor_Demographics.width-768.format-webp (2)

2 - Updates Statistics

a - Update highlights

4Update_Highlights.width-768.format-webp (1)

Visible growth in this category shows whether the posts on the page appeal to your audience and engage them. If not, you can link to visitor demographics to see if the target audience was the right one, or rework the content of your posts to make them more engaging.

b- Update metrics

5Update_Metrics.width-768.format-webp (1)

Thanks to this graph you can follow the evolution of the interaction of your posts over a defined period of time. Depending on the communication strategy put in place to animate the LinkedIn page, this analysis allows you to measure the evolution of the posts and estimate your progress.

c- Update engagement

6Update_Engagement.width-768.format-webp (1)

Depending on the type of content published on the LinkedIn page, these statistics make it possible to :

  • measure the relevance of certain content according to the commitment
  • observe the type of content that works best
  • know the number of people affected
  • whether the post was effectively published on linkedin, i.e., whether it met the algorithm requirements to boost the post’s visibility and obtain a greater number of impressions.

By correlating the visitor statistics with the most relevant publications in terms of impressions, it is possible to see if they have attracted new visitors to the company page.

3 - Follower statistics

a- Follower highlights

4Update_Highlights.width-768.format-webp (2)

The most important thing about this part is to see the number of new followers increase.
If it’s growing, it means that the actions taken are attracting people to your LinkedIn page and that they are interested in your content.

b- Follower metrics

8Follower_Metrics.width-768.format-webp (1)

The graph shows the evolution over a given period of time of the number of new followers on the company page. Based on everything you’ve observed about traffic and news statistics, look at the number of new followers you may or may not have gotten. The idea is to make a link between the interpretations and thus see how to make your audience evolve.

c- Follower demographics

3Visitor_Demographics.width-768.format-webp (3)

Here, the data shows whether the followers obtained are indeed part of your target group.
If your target is not among your followers , this leads you to rethink your strategy.
It is important to take note of this data because the list of followers on your LinkedIn page can be extracted and exploited. This point will be discussed in the second part.

The LinkedIn follower list

A good knowledge and interpretation of your LinkedIn statistics allows you to improve all the actions set up to animate it. The goal is to be able to get enough followers on your page to manage a consistent list and use it.

Opportunities for your B2B Marketing Strategy

The list of your followers is a source of opportunities for your business since it is possible to retrieve your followers’ data.

With the extraction functionality no longer available, the follower list is in the eyes of most LinkedIn users a simple under-exploited performance indicator.

By extracting the list of people who have subscribed to your page, you will have access to their identity, their position, their function, the name of the company, the sector of activity…

Thanks to all this information, you will be able to select the people who are part of your target and get in touch with them to turn them into leads.

A point that we will develop further in the small C in this section.

Retrieve your follower list

1- Two prerequisites: install Sales Navigator and

In order to extract the list of followers from your company page, you will need to install two extensions to your personal LinkedIn profile:

  1. Sales Navigator allows you to search for new prospects based on specific characteristics thanks to the contacts in your network (1st, 2nd, 3rd degree relationships and more). In our case, it will generate the list of followers .
  2. allows you to extract your prospect lists (followers in our case) from Sales Navigator. This extension also allows you to retrieve the e-mail addresses of prospects. An ideal tool for building a prospect base for e-mailing prospecting.

N.B. You can also use other premium tools such as: Phantombuster and Linked Helper.

2- Collect your followers list

Once you have previously installed these two extensions, you will be able to extract your contact list for lead generation & nurturing purposes.

Step 1: Go to Sales Navigator

Log in to your LinkedIn account and click on Sales Navigator at the top right.

Step 2: Search for your followers list

Go to the search bar and click on “advanced search”.


A drop-down menu will open. Click on search for prospects.


Click on “search for prospects”
A window with filters will open, select “United-States” in the geographical area and do “search”.


Step 3: Select your list of followers

To find your list of followers, go to the end of the horizontal line at the top and click on “prospects follow your business on LinkedIn”.
Then, open the extension


Once is open, create a new list and click “find emails and save.


Then enter the number of pages indicated on Sales Navigator.
The parameters “timeout min” and “timeout max” correspond to the time spent by to consult the profiles of your followers. Do not increase the time in the parameters, otherwise LinkedIn will consider you suspicious.

Once finished, click on “find emails and save”.

Wait a minute, collects contacts from your followers list …⏱


Step 4: Download the list

Go to your profile and click in the header on “prospects”, then select your list. Once your list is visible, you will see the profiles of your followers and email addresses retrieved. These email addresses can be used for BtoB prospecting.

Use only verified email addresses that appear in green.


3- Using your list of followers

The list of your followers can be used in different ways to generate opportunities:

1- Ask for a meeting with your target group’s heart of hearts
Thanks to the statistics, you know that a certain number of people are in your core target group. The idea is to contact them with your personal LinkedIn profile to arrange a meeting, to discuss topics that will interest them and that meet their needs.

2 – Invite your followers to subscribe to your newsletter

These people follow your page because they are interested in the published content. The idea is to invite them to follow your newsletter in order to push them personalized content to become leads.
Invite them by highlighting the fact that they will be notified of new content on the blog and that they will benefit from premium content.

3 – Get feedback from your followers

The objective is to collect their opinions in order to improve the animation of the LinkedIn page.  You will find a double benefit:

  1. Everybody likes to give his opinion. By asking them what they think of the content you publish, you will strengthen the link that has been created thanks to your publications.
  2. In addition to giving their opinion, they can suggest a type of content they like or topics that interest them. In this way, you will be able to complete your communication plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions about LinkedIn Company Page Statistics

🤔 Why tracking your LinkedIn business page statistics is important?

Monitoring the statistics of your Linkedin company page makes it possible to measure the effectiveness of your strategy, to make the necessary corrections if necessary and thus to raise opportunities.

🧐 How to measure the statistics of your Linkedin business page?

Several elements must be taken into account: statistics related to visitors, statistics related to news, those related to subscribers.

🤓 What opportunities can you emerge from your LinkedIn Page?

The subscriber list can bring opportunities to your business. You have all the information to contact them and turn them into leads!