Develop an effective customer acquisition strategy

We too often leave the responsibility of choosing our customer acquisition strategy to chance. Yet each strategy has its advantages and disadvantages, the right strategy will make you grow at an unparalleled rate, the wrong one will kill your business. Is it reasonable not to think about it ?

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Customer acquisition strategy

Customer acquisition strategy what is it and how to do it

Here's how :

Why work on a customer acquisition strategy?

In an ideal world, we could all do everything possible instantly and for free.

In the real life of a business, time and money are two precious resources. The question is not to know what can be done, there have never been so many levers accessible to companies regardless of their size.

The challenge is therefore to identify the best acquisition strategies, those that are adapted to your target and your objectives while beingcompatible with your resources. It is far from obvious and it involves making choices. Fortunately, there are many methods that you will be able to use to help you structure your acquisition strategy:

  • Buyer persona,

  • Job-to-be-Done, Customer Journey

  • or Acquisition Strategy Design.

These methods work whether you sell products or services and will allow you to put in place an effective strategy.

What are the main acquisition strategies and levers today?

Impossible to make an exhaustive list but here are some of them. You will quickly realize that implementing an acquisition strategy is far from easy.

Content marketing

Create content with high added value to support your customers and help them gain maturity.

Digital communication

Occupy the field to gain notoriety and interact with your prospects to lead them to become your future customers.

Marketing automation

Take control over your relationships with your web visitors. A good digital strategy allows you to generate traffic but if you don't do anything about it, it's a waste of money.

Inbound marketing

Get into the minds of your prospects and guide them to your products or services, all at their own request. Welcome to the era of permission marketing.

Inbound Sales

Evolve your business methods to reduce your customer acquisition cost and close much more easily.

Business Development

“Passive” selling is an inapplicable myth in the vast majority of companies, do not underestimate the power of a good business development strategy.

Referal marketing

Referral marketing is 7 times more profitable than all other methods. Do I really need to tell you more?

Outbound marketing

In reality, this brings together a large number of practices, in particular the different types of on-line and off-line advertising, paid referencing on search engines and social media. It is a controllable and effective lever under certain conditions but not suitable for all budgets or all strategies.

Influencer Marketing

In B to C and B to B, this is a lever that should not be overlooked. Influencer marketing is very powerful but not suitable for all situations.

STOP ! Take a deep breath.

You are deep in the weeds of your own marketing strategy and you don't know what you don't know. Give us a shot. let us help you solve your issues and get your marketing to the next level. You are one form away from getting the results you want.

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How to create your customer acquisition strategy

You understand that acquiring new customers cannot be improvised and that the generation of qualified leads is essential. But where to start? With a good strategy. We would love to tell you that all you have to do is rush headlong into the latest buzzword. But no. So we offer you 3 steps to get there:


Persona and customer journey

Customer data is the foundation of any acquisition campaign, whether it is based on digital marketing or business development. Who are your potential customers? What are their issues? What are their motivational levers? What steps do they go through before becoming a customer?


Benchmark of the different acquisition strategies

There are lots of acquisition levers, whether it's your website, social networks, your sales teams, advertising, whatever. What matters is identifying those along your customer’s journey and assessing your ability to leverage them effectively. No lever is inherently good or bad, you need the ones that are best for you.


Action plan and KPIs

A strategy is meaningless if it does not result in a specific action plan to be implemented. And an action plan is of little value if it is not combined with KPIs to track its progress. After all, we only improve what we measure.

FAQ: Implementing your customer acquisition strategy

Where do I start?

Follow the method: Motivation of customers and their journey,
benchmark the acquisition levers that are accessible to you and that make sense in relation to your customers, establish a detailed action plan and the indicators to follow.

What are the best customer acquisition levers?

Each lever must be evaluated in light of your objectives, your resources and who your customers are. What is certain is that you must activate several of them and mix marketing and commercial efforts to have a solid and reliable strategy.

Is it necessary to work with an agency to scale your customer acquisition strategy?

The gigantic quantity of potential levers and the difficulty of mastering them in practice make their use very complicated for someone who does not do that all the time. The advantage of being accompanied by an agency is that there are several of us, doing just that, every week, all year round and with dozens of different clients, which allows us to accumulate a lot of experience and knowledge. Why deprive yourself of it?

How to choose the right agency or partner to improve your customer acquisition strategy?

It's simple, choose us (I had to!). More seriously, I have two pieces of
advice: Trust only those who apply what they are selling you. If they don't, it's either they don't really know how to do it or they don't really believe in what they're doing. And work with a company whose strategy you value. If her strategy appeals to you, chances are that she will offer you a strategy that suits you.

How much does a customer acquisition strategy cost?

Well, it depends on its scale, there is not a cookie-cutter customer acquisition strategy, it is after all based on the customer, and we all know customers vary greatly from industry to industry. The question you should be asking is how much does it cost me to not have a proper customer acquisition strategy. How many clients are you losing to your competition because you are not even considered in their buying process? How much money are you losing because your team is not at full capacity? A fully-fledged customer acquisition strategy can solve these issues, dramatically increasing the size of your pipe and giving your more predictability to maximize your efficiency.

STOP ! Take a deep breath.

You are deep in the weeds of your own marketing strategy and you don't know what you don't know. Give us a shot. let us help you solve your issues and get your marketing to the next level. You are one form away from getting the results you want.

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