The Right Partner to Grow Your Business

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a business executive, a sales manager or a marketing director, we enable you to succeed. We adapt to your business and to your needs to achieve the high-level performance you deserve!

Who do we help?

Sales Odyssey for leaders

Legendary Leaders

I run my organization. I create and implement plans to achieve sustainable growth.

Sales Odyssey for business managers

Sales Warriors

I spearhead my company's sales efforts to close more deals.

Sales odyssey for Marketing managers

Marketing Heroes

I provide support throughout the entire sales cycle to attract, educate and convert leads.

Understanding the B2B Buyer's Journey

The key to achieve sustainable growth is customer focus.

Do you really know your prospects? Do you know the adventures they sail through on their journey to become your client?

Navigate along the B2B buyer’s odyssey and discover hidden gems that will enable you to meet and exceed your most ambitious goals.

How to achieve your business goals?

Whatever your budget or constraints, whether you want a quick boost or a lasting partnership, let’s improve your performance together. We leverage our expertise, our methods and our innovative tools to grow your business sustainably.

There are 3 main areas where we can seamlessly and rapidly bring value to your company.

Growth Strategy

Nowadays just knowing your competitors’ products is not enough. Thoroughly analyzing their strategy will give you the upper hand. SEO, SEA, SMO, sales process and sales team structure, nothing should be left to chance!

Understand your context, analyze the competition and the actions implemented by your team. Based on our diagnosis we recommend the best plan of action for your business.

We model the entire journey of your prospects as well as their perception of your company throughout this journey. This customer-centric methodology brings tremendous results.

Business Development

Wouldn’t be awesome if your product/service sold itself? Doing nothing and seeing the signed Purchase Orders magically appear on our desk sounds like a dream right? Well, sorry to break it to you, this does not happen in real life. The truth is business development is essential to your business, and the hard work pays off. 

You will not go far if you do not proactively identify, contact and meet new prospects. Sales Odyssey supports you in establishing an effective prospecting strategy and can implement it for you!

B2B sales are complex. Everything must be optimized to improve your chances. From prospecting, to making an offer, after going through the process of discovering your customer needs, there is always room to get better and sell more. 

Sales Odyssey also has a team in Europe. We can support your world domination dreams by operating as your sales structure abroad.

Growth Marketing

Marketing is constantly evolving, it is impossible to perfectly master all of its  channels and components. Do you want to implement simple actions with maximum return on investment? That’s what we are here for!

You are sitting on a gold pile. Your databases are full of valuable information and you have so many contacts in your network that could bring you new clients (current and past clients, old leads, LinkedIn connections etc…). When was the last time you reached out to them? 

The world has changed and so have your customers. You cannot hope to gain their trust without bringing them value throughout their journey with your business. Create high value content to help your prospects. They will return the favor.

You must have heard of marketing automation, have you implemented it? Do you think it’s only for large companies? It’s not! Simple technologies are available for businesses of all sizes. We deploy these tools for you to improve your efficiency and your outcomes.