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Whether you are an entrepreneur, a business executive, a sales manager, or a marketing director, we enable you to succeed. We adapt to your business and to your needs to achieve the high-level performance you deserve!

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Sales Odyssey, the growth marketing and sales agency
Customer acquisition strategy

Customer acquisition strategy

Customer acquisition is vital to your business. The competition won't do you any favors and you need a solid acquisition strategy.

Gain visibility Online

Gain visibility Online

Digital channels represent an incredible opportunity for your business. The problem is that this is also true for your competitors. We help you beat out your competitors!

Sales Process Optimization

Sales Process Optimization

Selling is good, but making money is better. You need to improve your sales efficiency to reduce your acquisition costs.

An agency that combines growth marketing and sales? Why ?

Complexity of the customer journey

Two-thirds of the decision-making process is done without even talking to your sales people, and most of the time there are several decision-makers involved. Nothing should be left to chance.

Heightened competition

Digital is a great tool but you are not the only ones on the spot. Your competitors have never been easier to contact. You must therefore convince your prospect AND beat your competitors.

Too many marketing & sales levers to keep track of

Business development and growth marketing are very broad fields that bring together a very large number of levers. Well combined, they are unstoppable! Easier said than done...

Winner takes all

When it comes to digital, everyone can win, but only a handful of winners will benefit. The first 3 results on Google are 70% of the clicks, the second page is another planet, only robots and aliens will find you there.

Growth Marketing Agency

Digital marketing is sometimes complex, often messy but essential in today's world. Used well, growth marketing allows you to generate qualified leads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To do without it is to run a marathon on your hands.

Content marketing

Content is king! Create the right content to attract, educate and convert your prospects. Basic but essential.

Search Engine Optimization

If no one finds you, your marketing is all posturing. Become essential thanks to SEO.

Web Development

A good website speaks to your customers, takes their journey into account, and converts them.

Marketing automation

Do you have content? It's great ! Do you have traffic? Perfect ! Would you like to make them customers now?

Digital Marketing

We all started one day and it's never too late to launch your digital marketing strategy.

Social Media Optimization

Social networks are a great sounding board for your marketing. Shall we do it?

Sales Agency

Sales reps are the last mile heroes. The best marketing strategy in the world is often useless without good salespeople. We are not born “good salesperson” we become one with the right processes, the right tools and the right resources.

Sales Consulting

Achieving your goals is a matter of process. How to fix them, how to animate your team around them and push them to surpass themselves?

Inbound Sales

Commercial efficiency also means adapting to uses and acquiring the right methods to facilitate the work of salespeople.

Q2C selling

Structure your sales process to sell more and faster thanks to the method created by the Sales Odyssey founders in collaboration with Gabriel Daby-Schwebel: Q2C selling.

Who do we support?

Our growth marketing and business development agency supports B to B and B to C companies alike. We work with very small local businesses and large multinationals. Some of our clients are startups, others have been in business for decades. All of them needed a reliable partner that have their back.

Legendary Leaders

Legendary Leaders

We support you in structuring your strategy and achieving the performance you aspire to. From the acquisition strategy to the operational deployment of the best sales methods and marketing levers!

Sales Warriors

Sales Warriors

Leading a sales team is a very big challenge, leader, coach and strategist you put on all the hats. We work on commercial efficiency by structuring your processes with the best methods.

Marketing Heroes

Marketing Heroes

Expectations in terms of marketing are often immense, the means not always. We accompany you to choose the most effective and the most differentiating. Attention, no figuration, we are here to win and there is work!

They hired Sales Odyssey

What they say about us

A very committed team providing top-notch customer service with a clever mix of professionalism, genuine active listening and the right advisory attitude.What else can you ask for? Trust Sales Odyssey with your marketing issues, you won't be disappointed
Lionel Mathieu

Founder & CEO - Loft-440

Competence, advice, efficiency, responsiveness, follow-up, listening, kindness: Sales Odyssey has offered us all the ingredients necessary for quality professional support. Thanks to them !
Stéphanie Miglierina

Founding Partner - HAXXOM & Le Monde de la Sécurité

Professional, efficient, recommend to your network!
Joan Poillet

Sales Director - Les Domaines de fontenille

A pro, responsive and reliable team. Very satisfied with our cooperation with Sales Odyssey, who was able to advise us on our web marketing strategy, while respecting our development objectives. All in a relaxed, top-notch atmosphere!
Florence Chevalier

Marketing Director - Le Mans événements

Very professional and available agency. An approach adapted to our request, precise advice, a great team!
Maximilien Wecxsteen

CEO - Sooyoos Agency

I called on SO's services three times, of course, very satisfied with each intervention! Great team at SalesOdyssey, efficient, competent and smiling. Cream of the crop 😀
Clément Gippet

CEO - Kweerty agency

Very good skills and serious work ethic! I recommend!
Mikaël Dumortier

CEO - ImmoproLyon

Professional, efficient, recommend to your network!
Joan Poillet

Sales Director - Les Domaines de fontenille

Frequently Asked Questions

Our growth marketing and sales agency in 4 questions

Why hire an agency for your growth marketing?

Marketing is changing at breakneck speed, and excellence is essentially achieved by continually testing new things. Each client, each internal project is an opportunity for us to increase our experience. You will only find this expertise within an agency (a good one 🏺).

Why hire a sales agency?

Commercial activity is a high-level sport, you are going all the way, all the time. But taking a step back is absolutely essential and often necessary to make a change. Why change? Because your prospects are changing too and the world is changing at breakneck speed.

Can I trust your expertise?

Yes. More seriously, better than a promise, a thousand and one references or a game of lying poker. Everything we recommend, we apply to ourselves. So you have all the elements you need to see that we know what we are doing.

There are other experts, why contact your agency?

Oh yeah, I hadn't thought of that, damn. There are lots of agencies and some are very competent so I will only have two “tips” to help you. Trust only those who really believe in what they sell and those whose way of marketing and selling you like.