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The natural referencing agency Sales Odyssey, accompanies you to whisper in the ear of search engines. We are not going to draw you a picture but having a website that does not appear anywhere is useless, our mission is to create and implement the right natural referencing strategy, the one that will allow you to generate traffic. qualified and therefore turnover!

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An SEO Agency To what end?

Here's why:

3 figures to understand the challenges of SEO

70 %

of marketing experts believe that seo is more effective than online advertising.

300 %

Search engines generate 300% more traffic than social networks.

75 %

Users will never go past the first page of search results.

Do you need a SEO agency?

Dans cette vidéo, nous vous expliquons pourquoi ça n’a jamais été aussi complexe de vendre et l’importance de créer le bon processus de vente.

Does your website generate qualified traffic?

Having a site to look pretty is useless. Its goal must be to generate qualified traffic and convert this traffic into a prospect. If your site is only visited by a few dozen people per month, it is unlikely to provide you with enough customers to grow your business.

Do you publish content but it does not appear in search engine results?

Unfortunately producing content is not enough. It is not uncommon to see websites with several hundred articles and barely a few dozen visitors per month. It is not so much the quality of the content as the absence of a clear and relevant SEO strategy that is in question.

Internal linking, netlinking, duplicate content, structured data, these terms mean nothing to you?

In reality it is not very serious and the jargon is never a sufficient element to justify the use of specialists. On the other hand, an agency specializing in natural referencing will be able to explain to you the issues behind these terms and sort out what is necessary to achieve your objectives and what is not.

“My web agency told me that my site was SEO optimized”

At the risk of making enemies, we hear that all the time. I don't think the agencies in question mean anything badly. But there is only one judge of the peace, does your site bring you customers, do you have significant traffic? Otherwise. Your site is not SEO optimized, period.

How to choose your SEO agency?

Implementing an SEO strategy takes time. Finding an seo agency is easy, but in front of the multitude of actors how to make your choice? We have three tips for you:


Ok, you have found an SEO agency that offers you great strategies. But does it apply what it offers you? If not, there are only two possibilities: they do not believe in what they are doing, or they do not really know how to do it.


If it applies the same strategy, what are the results? It could not be simpler in terms of natural referencing, does it generate traffic on its site? You can use tools like Semrush or Ubersuggest or ask them to show you their google analytics tracking.

The Right Partner

A good SEO agency will be by your side for a very long time, throughout your growth. There are loads of marketing agencies, pick the one you'll want to work with for the long haul.

STOP ! Take a deep breath.

You are deep in the weeds of your own marketing strategy and you don't know what you don't know. Give us a shot. let us help you solve your issues and get your marketing to the next level. You are one form away from getting the results you want.

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The challenges addressed by our SEO agency

Establish a reliable and cheap lead generation

Lead generation is the key to growing a business. The problem is that it is often very expensive to generate leads. SEO has the immense advantage of increasing returns, it is an investment unlike google ads or prospecting which are constant expenses.

Capitalize on your expertise to mark your difference

A digital strategy is of course essential for visibility, but we forget that a good strategy will also allow you to differentiate yourself. Natural referencing in particular is very demanding in terms of content, this content will be a considerable asset in beating your competitors.

Win against giants by being smarter

We are not going to lie to each other, you are not the only ones to know that natural referencing is an extremely profitable acquisition channel. Chances are you won't be the biggest ones to know either. Good news, a good strategy can beat anyone, without necessarily requiring a state's gold reserve.

Adapt the seo strategy to your means and objectives

A good natural referencing strategy that you could not put in place for lack of means would have no interest. We tailor our strategies to your ambition and your means so that you get real results. If your means are insufficient, we will tell you. No need to make you invest if we know that it will not be enough to achieve your goals.

So... what do a SEO agency actually do?

Natural referencing cannot be decreed, it has to be worked on. It's not just about "links" or putting in the "right" keyword. You have to identify which are the good ideas, the ones that will generate revenue, then build a strategy that will allow you to win against your competitors on the search engines and achieve your objectives.

SEO Audit

The visibility of your site seems insufficient to you? Do you feel like your site is not structured properly without identifying what is causing the problem? We are here to answer these questions.

Technical audit of your website

Technical audit of your website

Each of our audits includes a technical component. We control the structuring of the pages, the proper use of title tags and metas, the internal linking. Finally, we check the technical performance of your site: does it load quickly, what are the sources of slowdown and how to solve them.

Semantic audit of your website

Semantic audit of your website

A perfectly technical site is unfortunately not enough. Making bad keyword choices or not making any choices and trying to aim for random keywords will not yield any results. We challenge your positioning strategy and we identify errors and areas for improvement.

Audit of the architecture and UX of your site

Audit of the architecture and UX of your site

We can never remind you enough, if we do all this it's for you to get customers. Are they finding the right information at the right time? Is the navigation smooth? The worst thing to do in terms of SEO is to forget that your site must be above all cut to offer a good experience to your customers.

Content strategy and cocoon-semantics

We do not reference a site without content. I repeat to be sure; We do not reference a site without content. Link or not, “hack” or not, without content you will not get any SEO or customer.

Keyword research

Keyword research

We study your target, their problems and their motivations to implement a very precise keyword search. We then analyze the volume of searches, the strength of competitors, the search intent to feed the content strategy of your site.

Identification of the right content to create

Identification of the right content to create

Once we have identified the most promising keywords with the best potential, we create a suitable content strategy to create the right content to bring you to the first page. For each content we create detailed editorial briefs.

Creation of semantic cocoons

Creation of semantic cocoons

We underestimate the importance of structuring your content in relation to each other. In the jargon we call it a “semantic cocoon”, to simplify, the better it is structured, the more customers you will have and the higher you will be in the search engines.

Writing SEO optimized content

Writing SEO optimized content

We write the necessary content with two major axes: Content optimized for search engines AND to convert your readers into customers. One without the other makes no sense.

What they say about us

A very committed team providing top-notch customer service with a clever mix of professionalism, genuine active listening and the right advisory attitude.What else can you ask for? Trust Sales Odyssey with your marketing issues, you won't be disappointed
Lionel Mathieu

Founder & CEO - Loft-440

Competence, advice, efficiency, responsiveness, follow-up, listening, kindness: Sales Odyssey has offered us all the ingredients necessary for quality professional support. Thanks to them !
Stéphanie Miglierina

Founding Partner - HAXXOM & Le Monde de la Sécurité

Professional, efficient, recommend to your network!
Joan Poillet

Sales Director - Les Domaines de fontenille

A pro, responsive and reliable team. Very satisfied with our cooperation with Sales Odyssey, who was able to advise us on our web marketing strategy, while respecting our development objectives. All in a relaxed, top-notch atmosphere!
Florence Chevalier

Marketing Director - Le Mans événements

Very professional and available agency. An approach adapted to our request, precise advice, a great team!
Maximilien Wecxsteen

CEO - Sooyoos Agency

I called on SO's services three times, of course, very satisfied with each intervention! Great team at SalesOdyssey, efficient, competent and smiling. Cream of the crop 😀
Clément Gippet

CEO - Kweerty agency

Very good skills and serious work ethic! I recommend!
Mikaël Dumortier

CEO - ImmoproLyon

Professional, efficient, recommend to your network!
Joan Poillet

Sales Director - Les Domaines de fontenille

They trusted Sales Odyssey for their SEO

Do you have an ambitious marketing strategy? Want to boost your business efficiency? Or are you a little lost and trying to structure your growth strategy? You are in the right place.

STOP ! Take a deep breath.

You are deep in the weeds of your own marketing strategy and you don't know what you don't know. Give us a shot. let us help you solve your issues and get your marketing to the next level. You are one form away from getting the results you want.

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Frequently asked questions: The SEO agency Sales Odyssey

Do you still have some questions about Search Engine Optimization?

Why hire a SEO Agency?

Natural referencing is essential to develop your activity, it is even by far the most profitable lever. On the other hand, it is a complex job that requires very advanced knowledge in web development, seo technique and content marketing. An agency will bring you this expertise, built on dozens of projects and continuously updated.

Can I trust your expertise?

Yes. More seriously, better than a promise, a thousand and one references or a game of lying poker. Everything we recommend, we apply to ourselves. So you have all the elements you need to see that we know what we are doing. It's a safe bet that you are here, thanks to our seo and we have managed to go from 100 to 50,000 unique visitors per month in 12 months without any netlinking. Doesn't that speak to you? Call us and we'll explain everything to you.

There are other experts, why contact your agency?

Oh yeah, I hadn't thought of that, damn. There are lots of seo agencies and some are very competent, so I will only have two “tips” to help you. Trust only those who really believe in what they sell and those whose way of marketing and selling you like. If it's us, we'll be delighted, if it's not us, too.

What has four legs in the morning, two at noon and three at night?

Human being. This is the enigma that the sphinx proposed to Oedipus in Greek mythology. The rest of the story is pretty creepy so we'll spare you. It was to see if you were following ;-).

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