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Landing Page - Convert More Leads Online

The landing pages have become an indispensable tool in all good strategies in digital marketing. They are an essential link in the conversion chain, particularly for online advertising or marketing automation. All details matter!

We will therefore provide you with everything you need to know in this area, in particular:

  • The most important skills to have when it comes to generating a great landing page that converts.
  • The tools we recommend if you build landing pages.
  • 3 templates to take action for landing page optimization.

Morvan Carrier

Acquisition Strategist & Co-Founder

Landing Page

As often with our articles, you have a little reading in front of you, so buckle up!

What is a landing page?

Landing page: Definition

It's pretty funny, but everyone talks about landing pages and when you ask the question, no one has the same definition.

This is what you see when you click on a google ad

-> If only ...

This is a page that is not referenced on google

-> Ah? So if my articles are invalid and do not appear in google, that makes them landing pages? 😂

These are pages that are made with tools without code

-> You know that even if you don't write code, there will still be some for it to appear on the screen?

This is a page that allows you to download a resource

-> It could be a bit clever, but it's not.

Ok, we are not very nice, we are kidding..


In fact, it's ultimately much simpler than that.

A landing page, also called as lead generation landing pages, or standalone web page, has no particular technical characteristics. It technically resembles in every way one of the pages of your Wordpress, Webflow or hand-coded site.

On the other hand, unlike the classic web pages of your website, it does not have a navigation purpose, it has only one objective: to encourage the visitor to fill out the form or to click to the step next. And it must not offer any alternative to this conversion.

Landing page: example of use?

Now that we have “defined” what it is, what exactly does a landing page offer in our marketing campaigns?

A landing page is where the site visitors were redirected to after following a particular action. This page must be perfectly suited to their journey and their initial request .

There are many use cases:

Online advertising

Each SEA (search engine advertising) campaign must have its own landing page. It's not to bring someone to your website if you're on the keyword content strategy; instead, it's intended to persuade them to set up a meeting with you so that you can examine their approach.

Inbound marketing strategy

In inbound marketing, it is important to deliver content to your visitors to help them solve their problems AND be able to identify them more precisely. A landing page for downloading a resource (or a lead magnet ) such as a white paper for example or registering for a webinar is therefore perfectly suitable.

The free trial

The Saas software (software as a service) often offers a free trial period for a few days. When a visitor clicks on the “start my free trial” button, it is best to use a specific landing page to ensure that they complete the registration without distraction.

There are many more, but you get the idea. During any conversion process, when the user clicks on a link or button in an attempt to get something, the purpose of the landing page is to guarantee that something good happens without being sidetracked.

A well-optimized landing page is there to generate leads and help you grow your marketing efforts! Just follow the 10 rules in creating landing pages that are both excellent and effective.

Examples of landing pages

Semrush landing page example - SEA campaign

I'll tell you right away, I find this landing page close to perfection!

Short, limpid, everything is in its place and without any obstacle… So good that we now have 2 guru licenses at Sales Odyssey…

The landing screen

  1. A clear and catchy promise, subtitled to understand the field of action.
  2. A clear call-to-action button at the heart of the screen.
  3. Immediate use of an argument of authority: the rewards obtained.
  4. We emphasize the significance of our client companies' logos by using them on the webpages. It can also be authority depending on the size of the business that comes to this page.

Second and third screen of the landing page

exemple de landing page semrush 2
exemple de landing page semrush 2
Exemple de landing page semrush 3

Quantified elements and details of functionalities presented in a concise manner . I would particularly like to draw your attention to the fact that screen 3 shows drop-down menus but that the dots are not clickable. It is very important not to lose the visitor.

We see the reappearance of the Call to action with a simple and concrete promise.

Last screen


Social proof again. We may notice the only “error” on this page at the bottom right. The social links, fortunately they have been put in an almost invisible way. But why do it in this case?

I failed to generate a B version of this page. The teams that made this page are clearly very competent, so I just think that the conversion rate of this page has reached high levels and therefore is not challenged for the moment.


Hubspot Landing Page Example - Downloading a White Paper

Second example this time with Hubspot for downloading a white paper.

The page is also very well structured and I find it rare for a white paper that the landing pages are so detailed.

Hubspot landing page first screen


Simple and efficient. The illustration is clear and pretty. The title of the white paper and the subhead explains in a simple and concise way what it is about. The CTA stands out, the authority argument is discreet but present (the three logos of very small TPEs knowing nothing about marketing funnel).

On the other hand …

There is …


No but this thing literally jumps in your face after 2 seconds on the page!

Don't do this dear readers, I beg you. Never.

Screen 2 and 3 of the landing page

exemple de page d'atterrissage hubspot 3
exemple de page d'atterrissage hubspot 3
Exemple de page d'atterrissage hubspot 4

Interesting ! We learn what we will get by downloading the white paper with an emphasis via screenshots of the content. It's sober and serious, that's what we're looking for this type of content.

Screen 4 and 5

Exemple de page d'atterrissage hubspot 5
Exemple de page d'atterrissage hubspot 5
Exemple de page de destination hubspot 6

I find that this is where the competence of the creators of the page is best seen.

We first have a very good and relatively subtle authority argument (I will come back to this in rule number 8 of this article).

And there is this FAQ, it doesn't sound like much but in fact it has perfectly grasped the main obstacles to downloading the white paper. And, she treats them.

Simple but rare, so great.

The 10 commandments for creating a good landing page

Succeeding in this exercise is actually not that complicated. In fact, the simpler you keep it, the better it will work most of the time. In addition, you will have to test many variations to find the best one, the one that converts as many visitors as possible.

To help you, we've put together 10 rules or concepts that make a landing page effective. We will talk about design, call to action, tools and techniques of persuasion (or manipulation, depending on your point of view).

A landing page = A goal

This is the fundamental principle, you must never forget it. A landing page has only one goal .

But what does this mean exactly? This means that if you're using call-to-action buttons, forms, or whatever, they should all lead to the same thing. This is also valid for the share buttons on social networks, if it is your goal, put only that and even better, put only one!

Too often we see social media share buttons on a white paper download page. NO, NO and again NO!

Either you want your visitor to download your whitepaper or you want them to share something. Not both. Never.

Think of a decision as a complex psychological process. And for every option you give, you create a decision. Because choosing to download the white paper rather than sharing it is actually 3 decisions:

  1. I do not share on social networks
  2. I download the document I want
  3. I choose not to upload & share on social networks

In reality it's even worse, because he could also have done nothing at all, a very tempting decision besides! What is more attractive than doing nothing in a world where you are overworked?

Of course, I'm assuming that you only offered one social network, otherwise you understand that it's lost or that you REALLY have to make your offer incredible to agree to make 150 decisions ...

This is called the paradox of choice, the more there is, the less decisions we make.

Think Sunday night in front of the Netflix catalog!

Less is more, the art of converting while keeping it simple

In this guide we will talk very little about aesthetics, not because the UI design is not important but because all the tips can be summed up in one sentence: keep it simple ! Once you've made it simple, simplify it again.

This is very important because a landing page has only one purpose and anything that is not essential is a distraction.

Concretely what does that mean?

  • No social media buttons, if that's not the goal
  • No outward links
  • No navigation bar (menu)
  • A basic footer (legal notice)
  • No need for incredible entertainment
  • NO TIMELESS CHAT BOX (isn't it Hubspot 😏)

It is sometimes tempting, especially the menu that we find very often but remember this is not a navigation page! You can use UX design to study the motivations of Internet users and design a journey that will allow you to convert for the single next step.

Let's take a slightly offbeat but meaningful example: your page is a GPS for your visitor. The GPS guides you, it gives you THE right direction. There are lots of other possible routes but it only offers you one, it's easier.

Putting a navigation bar is like having a GPS which would say “Turn left at the crossroads, or then right it is also possible, moreover by turning around you will also be able to see the superb park…”

Do you visualize the hell that would be?

Call to action and waterline

All of your landing pages will have what's called a call to action , which matches your goal. As you will see later in the article, your pages will even have several, even if they all offer the same action (One landing page = one goal). On the other hand, it is important that the first CTA (call to action) appears above the waterline of the landing page.

The idea is obviously to simplify the conversion as much as possible, in this way there is no need to “scroll” to click or fill in the form.

Call to action and waterline

All of your landing pages will have what's called a call to action , which matches your goal. As you will see later in the article, your pages will even have several, even if they all offer the same action (One landing page = one goal). On the other hand, it is important that the first CTA (call to action) appears above the waterline of the landing page.

The idea is obviously to simplify the conversion as much as possible, in this way there is no need to “scroll” to click or fill in the form.



It is important not to ask for unnecessary information to reduce friction. Also, don't make the mistake of believing that the more data the better. The success of implementing a data marketing strategy depends more on identifying the right data and using it intelligently than on the quantity of data.

If you need a lot of information (really need I mean), you can imagine forms in several pages so that you don't have 10 fields displayed from the start.

Persuasion Technique: Arousing Desire with AIDA

We told you in another article about the AIDA method to properly structure your marketing content . In terms of the overall or “macro” organization of your page, I think it's both the most efficient and the easiest to use. In particular, it will reduce the bounce rate and keep your reader's attention. What is particularly powerful in terms of persuasion and which is often misunderstood is the D of Desire .

Often, we are content to take an image bank photo with professionals straight out of a toothpaste ad beaming with happiness in front of an incredible invisible powerpoint. We call it a “hero shot”, it's beautiful, it's nice, it's “useful” but… Come on! We can do a little better to help your lead project, right?

The idea is to help him understand and visualize what he will get by filling out the form! And, what he wants to achieve from your landing page is rarely to have white teeth.

If you want to increase the conversion rate of your whitepaper download landing page, it is much more efficient to preview the content to download, than Miss or Mister Colgate in front of an unbranded computer (as if there were any). elsewhere).

In the case of a free trial, highlighting the premium features to which your visitor will have access will also be very important. We can even enrich by showing the incredible results that it will obtain thanks to these “features”.

So a “hero shot” to illustrate, yes. But make no mistake about the hero.

Beyond the form and this structure, think of the " copywriting " of your texts that can make all the difference.

Persuasion Technique: Social Proof

Another powerful persuasive lever that you should use for effective landing pages is the social proof mechanism.

What is social proof?

That's it :


Why does it work?

I suggest you let a specialist speak:

Usually when a lot of people do something, we understand that it is the best thing to do. This fact-checking is both the strength and the weakness of the principle of social proof. […] Social proof is a convenient shortcut, but at the same time it makes the user vulnerable to the onslaught of profiteers lurking along the way.

- Robert Cialdini, Influence and Manipulation

In very many cases, we have several solutions to our problem. Our natural functioning will always be to favor the solution that is recognized and used by our fellow human beings. It's neither right nor wrong, that's how it works so use it.

On the other hand, don't cheat. We often see false opinions, unless you are a very good faker it will be seen. And, we are marketing, we are not scammers. Don't do that , you always end up footing the bill when you cheat ... Always.

Persuasion Technique: Authority

Authority is a principle quite similar to social proof . But unlike her, we don't make a choice because people like us made it, but because someone or something “superior” to us recommended it to us.

The authority argument is the argument that when your aunt tells you to take herbal tea to sleep, you tell her it's a grandmother thing that doesn't work. Whereas if the doctor prescribes an infusion with verbena in a small cardboard box bought at the Pharmacy, not only does it have a good chance of working (placebo effect) but you will not see any inconvenience in paying 20 € a box of 10…

I barely force the line.

The effectiveness of this technique was demonstrated in a famous (yet frightening) experiment: The Milgram Experiment . Take the time to discover it… It should allow you to become aware of the responsibility that is yours as a marketer.

Knowing how to use persuasion techniques to your advantage is good, but with ethics it is better.

Persuasion Technique: Rarity

I will go quickly to this point. The principle is simple, the more something is “rare” the more you want it. We will tend to over-value the proposal because in addition to the desire to obtain the desired thing, there is the fear of running out of this thing if we wait.

This encourages quick decision making.

You have seen dozens of examples with limited prices, limited quantity etc.

This method is effective but often abused. If you give a limited edition every day and it's always the same thing, you'll see it eventually.

For example :


In fact you will see that it is practically impossible to pay any service at the normal rate on hostinger. IMPOSSIBLE.

The more attentive among you will notice, moreover, that this landing page (as part of a SEA campaign) has other weaknesses.

Editor's note : I have nothing against hostinger on the contrary it is an excellent host that we ourselves use on many projects.

Determine the best landing page with A / B testing

After all these great principles I will try to give you a piece of advice: Be humble.

Even if you work for weeks to achieve the theoretically perfect landing page, test multiple versions (that's A / B testing). As gifted as we can be, we are not diviners.

Constantly test multiple versions, like a Darwinian marketer to relentlessly eliminate underperforming versions. The theory of evolution applied to conversion!

This is important because a tiny variation can have a significant impact on the conversion and therefore on your turnover.

For example, you sell a product for 500 €, your landing page which aims to buy the product receives 100 visitors each month. If a version A converts 38% and a version B 29%, it may seem like a small difference but the version B makes you lose 4,500 €.

Every month.

Even if she follows all the rules.

9 points difference, 23% less income.


To perform A / B testing you need a tool that allows you to do it and that is the subject of the last point.

Choose the right tool to build your landing pages

Of course, which tool you choose is important. You can build a landing page with almost anything that can make a web page. But a landing page is a very specific tool and creation process. There are two absolutely essential criteria for us when choosing your tool.

1 - Ease of use

Why is this the most important? Because if you follow the above rules a complete digital marketing strategy is going to require a very large number of landing pages. For each of them, several versions will be created and tested.

That's a lot, a lot of landing pages. And so having a simple tool will probably be what will have the most impact on your work.

2 - The possibility of A / B testing in a simple way

Choose a tool that allows you to easily manage A / B testing. It is time consuming and time is money. Simplify your life.

That's all that matters, most of the other options are similar from vendor to vendor, but test the tools and choose the ones that seem most intuitive to you.

We will do a full comparison in a few weeks, but I recommend that you take a look at:

  • Unbounce : It is one of the most complete and easy to use tools. A child could be successful in using it and you can do very successful and aesthetic landings without any prior technical skills. We are partners so if you like the tool, we got you 20% on your subscription .
  • Webflow : This no-code tool is normally intended for website creation, and it is probably the best CMS on the market today for who wants to make a showcase site or a blog. We also use it for our landing pages which are injected from webflow into our marketing automation tool. Why ? When you master this tool, it becomes possible to generate dozens of different landing pages in a few seconds by using collections and importing data. In short, you will understand, it's more technical, but we love it! To learn more about Webflow, it's here .

Shall we get started?

Three landing page templates to guide you

We have prepared 3 top templates to help you get started. Of course, we respect the 10 commandments!

But beware the perfect landing page does not exist in theory, it is the practice and the tests that you will carry out that will allow you to get closer to it. So challenge our models and don't blindly follow them!

We believe in you!

The landing page template to download a resource

In B to B this is one of the templates that will be the most useful to you! Indeed, a good content strategy often makes all the difference in developing your business. With this template you will be able to offer premium content for download, which is a great way to get to know your visitors and understand their challenges.

We suggest you implement:

More generally, it is a template that allows you to project your visitor into the use of your content.


The landing page template for scheduling an appointment

This template is obviously key, this type of landing page is the heart of your lead generation system. For example, it can be used as part of a free consultation appointment offer. It's very engaging for your prospect and if someone wants a meeting, you have to be absolutely sure that your landing page will allow you to "re-insure" them so that they go to the end of the form.

In this template we will see in particular:

  • The AIDA method
  • Social proof

And as always, we will help the visitor to project himself with you.


The template to register for a free trial

Last template we offer: The free trial.

This is particularly useful for those of you who work in the field of SaaS (software as a service). Here again, the promise seems too good to require conversion work, but it is not. Whatever amazing features your tool has you have 100 competitors, so when a prospect lands on your landing page, you better be sure you can convert them.


Frequently Asked Questions about Landing Pages

🧐 What is a landing page?

A landing page is a very normal web page, except that it was built for a specific purpose and is entirely dedicated to that purpose. It is therefore not a navigation page but a conversion page. It can also be called a landing page or a landing page.

🤔 What examples of use for a landing page?

The fact that this page is only one goal makes it much more efficient to achieve the goal: conversion. It is therefore an ideal medium for your advertising campaigns on the web, your marketing automation or your digital communication operations.

💪 How to create a good landing page?

There are many tips, we will detail 10 in this article. If there were only one left: "keep it stupidly simple"! This is usually the most effective. A landing page should remove all distractions in order to get the visitor to where you want them to be.