Gain visibility online

The Internet and digital in general has radically transformed the business world. It has become a must for your potential customers. No matter what you sell, your customers will necessarily go online during their buying process. If they don't find you, you will lose. You must therefore improve your visibility on the internet.

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Gain visibility online

Improve your visibility online How?

Here's how:

Why should I gain visibility online?

There are many bad reasons to do so. My favorites are those that consist of saying “The others are doing it so I have to do it” or “it’s like that now, you have to get up to speed”. These are bad reasons, if you don't know why you have to do it, you will do it wrong and therefore you will fail. If it has become so important it is for a very simple and indisputable reason.

The Internet is now part of 100% of the purchasing process, if you are not found, you do not exist. Worse, 70% of the decision-making process is done online, and this is now true regardless of the industry in which you operate.

You must therefore work on your visibility to stay in the race and develop your business.

How can I gain visibility on the internet?

It is not the means that are lacking, often we are more blocked by the right way to use them than by the levers.

Your Website

This is probably the centerpiece of any online visibility strategy. It has the immense advantage of belonging to you, you have full control of it and put in it what you want, when you want it. On the other hand, there is having a good website and having a bad website. It's easy to recognize them if your site allows you to generate traffic and win customers it's a good site. Otherwise, …

Social Media

Social networks allow you to access very many people with a very important capacity to target specific people. You can start with next to nothing and succeed in making yourself known. But social networks have become very demanding, you need a real editorial line, a long-term strategy and a lot of time and energy.


Of course, it's everywhere and yes it can work. The main advantage of online advertising is that the results are fast and it is an easily manageable channel (especially Google ads). Used well, they can accelerate your presence on the web. Nevertheless, there is a real slot machine effect. It only works as long as you pay, so the results are linear and diminishing returns in nature.

So is it better to favor one or the other? Are search engines superior to social networks? Is writing blog posts more effective than writing a press release?

Well, it depends. On the other hand, all these levers have one thing in common, the content. Without content do not expect any visibility of your products or services on the internet. This is true regardless of your industry.

STOP ! Take a deep breath.

You are deep in the weeds of your own marketing strategy and you don't know what you don't know. Give us a shot. let us help you solve your issues and get your marketing to the next level. You are one form away from getting the results you want.

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The method to improve your visibility on the internet

Yes there is a method, essential key elements to lay a healthy foundation and shine on the web. Is it easy? No. Is it reliable? Perfectly. Well executed, this method allows in 100% of cases to considerably improve your visibility on the web.


A powerful website

It is your base, your HQ, the cornerstone of your visibility on the internet. It is the only element that belongs to you completely on the web, you put what you want there when you want it. But for it to be useful for your visibility and your business, it must be clear. We must understand in a few seconds what you are doing. And, it has to be efficient, because the few seconds you have to understand begin as soon as the visitor clicks, if your site loads in 3 seconds, it's lost. Yes, 3 seconds is too much.

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A smart and coherent content strategy

Well yes, content is the key to your visibility and therefore your success on the web. But content for content's sake is a dead end. Some companies have produced hundreds of blog posts and only generate 400 duel-fighting visitors each month. Others generate 50,000 unique visitors per month with only 50 articles. The difference ? The content strategy.

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An efficient content creation and distribution process

Unfortunately, you are not the only ones to know that content is the key, and therefore not the only ones to use it. Today, it's a minimum but it's not enough to win. The key is the content production process and the distribution strategy. This consists of setting up a process that will make it possible to create a maximum of quality content in a minimum of time and to distribute it in the right format on a maximum of channels. How? 'Or' What ? Trade secret 🏺.

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FAQ: Implementing your customer acquisition strategy

Vous vous posez encore quelques questions ?

Where do I start?

Follow the method: A well-designed and efficient website, an effective content strategy for the implementation of inbound marketing. Finally, a careful content production and distribution process. Complex? Yes, but the results are guaranteed.

What are the best visibility levers?

Should I base my digital strategy on social networks or on Google and its search results? The question is not there, create a healthy base with your website and relevant content to convert your target. You will then have plenty of time to take advantage of social networks AND search engines.

Is it necessary to work with an agency?

Not if it's your job. Or rather if these are your jobs. Web development, natural referencing, digital marketing and copywriting are skills necessary to succeed and each of them is a profession in its own right. Being accompanied will allow you to go much faster and avoid major mistakes. But, we all started somewhere so of course you don't have to go fast.

How to choose the right agency?

It's simple, choose us (I had to!). More seriously, I have two pieces of advice: trust only those who apply what they are selling you. If they don't, either they don't really know how to do it or they don't really believe in what they are doing. And work with a company whose strategy you value. If her strategy appeals to you, chances are she'll come up with a strategy that works for you as well.

Is it expansive?

Very much. Absolutely not. It depends. Good day:-D. More seriously, we are talking about a lot of different elements. This is a type of support that we frequently provide with average budgets of between €5,000 excluding tax and €20,000 excluding tax, depending on whether they include the development of the website, its complexity, the size of the content strategy, the number of articles produced by our teams, etc.

STOP ! Take a deep breath.

You are deep in the weeds of your own marketing strategy and you don't know what you don't know. Give us a shot. let us help you solve your issues and get your marketing to the next level. You are one form away from getting the results you want.

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