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Few companies grasp the complexity of their sales cycle.

Sales teams must simultaneously handle so many tasks. Some of which are time consuming and ineffective.

Sales Odyssey allows you to focus on what you do best: selling!

The Sales Odyssey of the Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager is a special job. It is absolutely essential to the survival and prosperity of any business. The growth of your business rests on you, you face the distrust of certain customers and the skepticism of some colleagues. You have extremely high objectives for the few resource you get.

The worst part is that you enjoy it and live for the challenge.

Like a Spartan general, you fight and win one victory after another in an endless war against stagnation.


You define the commercial strategy

Identifier les bons contacts pour votre opération d'account based marketing.png

As a business manager, you need to develop and implement an effective strategy to achieve your goals.

Which target to address?

How to generate appointments?

How to improve your customer conversion rate?

You motivate and arm your teams


Once your battle plan is established, the work is just beginning!

You need to coach your sales teams, bring them the right tools and make sure they are on the right track, to acquire new customers and reach their objectives!

You are exemplary


You never back down from any battle and always do more to inspire your teams and thus lead them towards exceeding their goals.

You don’t have to do all of this alone!

Working and growing with Sales Odyssey

Principe Hector

Hector's Principle

We will never leave your side, whatever challenge may arise. We will always do everything we can to help you succeed.

Principe Athena

Athena's Principle

No one size fit all solution. We tailor everything we do to your business. 

Principe Hermes

Hermes' Principle

The goal of everything we do is to grow your business and your brand. We are all about results and ROI.

Our expertise

B2B Sales Prospecting

conseil en strategie commerciale

Commercial prospecting is an often thankless exercise, which is often overlooked. But it pays in the long run! You must constantly identify, contact and meet new prospects. We give you the support you need to get there.

Optimization of the business process

Efficacité commerciale et process de vente

B2B Sales are hard. You must optimize each of your points of contact with your prospects, from your first outreach to your last customer meeting.

Ready to start your Odyssey?

L'équipe de Sales Odyssey

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