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The Q2C selling Sales Odyssey agency supports you in setting up an effective sales process that stands the test of today's world. Customers and their expectations have changed, we can no longer just recruit salespeople and hope that everything goes well. From business strategy to sales process to training, we've got you covered!

Business development advice:to what end?

Here's why:

3 figures to understand the challenges of a good business strategy

of B to B leaders consider business development as their number 1 challenge
65 %
of the decision-making process takes place without contact with your company's teams.
70 %
of buyers believe that salespeople do not understand their problem.
77 %

What can the Q2C selling method bring you?

This is obviously the main objective, Q2C selling has been designed to effectively structure your sales process. Much more effective than the "talent" of the salesperson, a good sales process will allow you to create a strong bond with your prospect and to really deal with the customer's problem. Nothing is left to chance to ensure that your salespeople have the right information and the right tools to quickly convince your prospect.

At the heart of commercial efficiency is the ability of a sales team not to initiate a sales process with just any prospect and above all to know how to control its duration. Every second counts and has a cost, so the efficiency of your sales process has a direct impact on the profitability of your business. Q2C selling does not leave the choice of whether or not to continue a sales process to chance.

All sales managers are aware of the inertia of a sales pipeline, the problem is that when the sales process is poorly formalized, it is very difficult to have reliable projections. The consequences are dramatic since it is then impossible to initiate the right measures at the right time. Q2C selling makes your projections more reliable by defining clear rules for progressing opportunities.

Each sales process allows your sales reps to learn and become more effective in selling your solutions. Finally, only if the process in question is well formalized, we do not capitalize on improvisation. Therefore, the absence of a clearly defined process poses two problems: Stagnation and the inability to train. Your existing teams are not progressing, newcomers take a long time to learn. Do we do the accounts?

How to choose your Q2C selling agency?

Structuring your sales process is vital for the effectiveness of your sales team. Finding a consulting agency is easy, we could hide behind the fact that we created this method. But Q2C Selling is an excellent method that we are not the only ones to master, so here are 3 key points to choose from among the experts:


Ok, you have found a sales consultant that offers you great strategies & playbooks. But does it apply what it offers you? If not, there are only two possibilities: they do not believe in what she is doing, or they do not really know how to do it.


If she applies the same strategy, what are her results? Do you like this strategy? It seems basic and yet it is the best demonstration to be sure that you are making the right choice.

The Right Partner

A good sales consultant will accompany you for a long time, throughout your growth. The more you grow, the more you'll sell. The more you sell the bigger your sales team and the sales challenges. Ask yourself if you want to work with them! There are loads of consultants, pick one you want to stay with.


STOP ! Take a deep breath.

You are deep in the weeds of your own marketing strategy and you don't know what you don't know. Give us a shot. let us help you solve your issues and get your marketing to the next level. You are one form away from getting the results you want.

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Q2C Selling is aimed at:

Business leaders

Who are looking to build an effective team and business processes. Reliable processes, which make it possible to capitalize on its experience and ensure healthy growth.

Sales Team Leaders

Who seek to structure their business process in order to make it more efficient and easier to manage while facilitating collaboration between the different teams of the company.


Who seek to improve their performance by using the best tools to create links and convince their interlocutors.

Marketing teams

Who seek to better direct their efforts to effectively support sales teams while improving the customer experience.

What is Q2C Sellingand what it's not!

Automated prospecting on LinkedIn.


It solves absolutely nothing. On the other hand, we attack the heart of the sales process, we work with you to make it as efficient as possible. Our goal is to allow you to sell more, at a better price, faster.

And yes it is a question of process, not luck, nor talent.

Q2C selling workshop

We deploy the method to structure your sales process. It is not a question of rolling out a universal and pre-designed framework but of following Q2C selling step by step to determine YOUR sales process, the one that will be effective in selling your products and services.

Revue de pipe

Sales process canva

Ask yourself the right questions to define the key elements to be found in your sales process. Each phase of the sale is analyzed, we analyze as much what must be present, who must be present and what are the expectations of your market. At the end of this analysis, we jointly determine the rules for progressing the sales path.

Analyse du processus de vente

Construction of the decision tree

A sales process is in fact a series of decisions: Should I initiate this sales process? What process should I put in place? What should I offer this prospect? How to make this proposal to him? Should I stop the sales process? All these questions are legitimate, the decision tree will allow you to put precise rules to make sure that each sales process is managed in the right way.

Analyse de la stratégie commerciale et de son animation

Modeling and enrichment of the sales process

At each stage, its tools. Q2C selling is not just a theoretical method, it is also a very rich toolbox close to the field. In addition, two-thirds of the decision-making process for prospects is now done without you, that is to say without anyone in your company being in contact with the customer. We can complain about it, or seize the opportunity to make a difference with Q2C selling tools.

Analyse de la stratégie commerciale et de son animation

Prioritization of actions to be implemented

This work is very structuring for companies and often reveals an immense potential hitherto untapped. We work together to put in place a specific action plan and prioritize the actions that will have the greatest impact the fastest.

Complete creation of the Sales Playbook

We support you in the creation of all the enrichment elements necessary for the efficiency of your commercial process.


Creation of key content

A sales process today must be enriched with content. It is this content that will help maintain control of the decision-making process. Educational content, conversion content, sales support content, we support you based on our experience in content production.

Structuration du processus de création

Creating your stories

Stories are one of the key tools of Q2C selling, human beings are not made to be sensitive to logic but to emotions. We create together the stories on which to base your commercial speech in order to better convince your prospects.

Plan de diffusion des web stories

Construction of tools for steering and facilitating the commercial process

A sales process is animated and enriched. We create the dashboards necessary for the proper monitoring of this sales process and we create routines so that you capitalize on each sales process.

They hired Sales Odyssey to support their growth:




STOP ! Take a deep breath.

You are deep in the weeds of your own marketing strategy and you don't know what you don't know. Give us a shot. let us help you solve your issues and get your marketing to the next level. You are one form away from getting the results you want. Vous êtes à un formulaire de votre objectif.


Frequently Asked Questions: The Business Development Consulting Agency

The sales process is the most important part of your growth mechanics. You can no longer let chance, improvisation or talent build it. If you are very confident and ahead of the game, apply the method on your own, it will work wonders. But if you want to go faster, further and benefit from the experience accumulated by experts, the best thing is to contact us!

Yes. On this one we are going to release our joker: We have created this method. We know her better than anyone. Beyond simply knowing this method we apply it depuis la création de Sales Odyssey et elle est directement à l’origine de notre croissance.

Oh yeah, I hadn't thought of that, damn. There are other agencies that have mastered Q2C selling, more and more. Some are very competent, so I will only have two “tips” to help you. Trust only those who truly believe in what they sell and those whose way of marketing and selling you like. If it's us, we'll be delighted, if it's not us, too.

Human being. This is the enigma that the sphinx proposed to Oedipus in Greek mythology. The rest of the story is pretty creepy so we'll spare you. It was to see if you were following ;-).