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New technologies have revolutionized buyers behaviors.

Think of all the ways you can connect with your prospects and convert them into customers: website, blog, search engines, emails, social media etc…

Your heroic mission is to guide your company through the raging sea of marketing possibilities to come out of the storm unscathed with great return on your investment.

Surround yourself with the best crew to achieve your goals!

Marketing managers

The Odyssey of the Marketer

create your content strategy

Strategy and Content

As a marketing manager you must have a good understanding of your market and how your clients & targets behave. Constantly tweaking your strategy to fit their needs and meet their expectations.

And in the end your success will be defined by your content depending on how much value it brings and whether or not it converts.

Spreading the word appropriately

A good strategy and great content are useless if it does not reach your target!

In our modern society is getting more and more to get messages accross, as we are all so busy and distracted.

So many ways to reach out to a lead, yet it has never been more difficult to stand out from the crowd and find the right channel, at the right time, for the right prospect.

promote your content and message
Convert and retain customers

Convert and retain

Once the prospects have been reached ,you must convert them! Different challenge means different content.

Your mission never ends as you can always contribute to help retain and delight your clients. 

You don’t have to do all of this alone!

Working and growing with Sales Odyssey

Real Business partner

Hector's Principle

We will never leave your side, whatever challenge may arise. We will always do everything we can to help you succeed.

best possible strategy for your business

Athena's Principle

No one size fit all solution. We tailor everything we do to your business. 

Focus on the ROI

Hermes' Principle

The goal of everything we do is to grow your business and your brand. We are all about results and ROI.

Our expertise

Content Marketing

Creating content has become a vital issue for every business. To stand out from the competition but above all, because it generates so many opportunities. Don’t sleep on this essential marketing pillar!

content marketing strategy
marketing automation

Marketing Automation

Today’s tools allow you to achieve the impossible with limited means. Marketing automation is not just for big companies, you can take advantage of it. Be careful however, you must have a coherent automation strategy.

Referral Marketing

Often, we tend to focus all of our marketing efforts on targets that we have never been in touched with before. It is a mistake. Your databases of former prospects and former customers are golds mines. Exploit them!

referral marketing

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