Looking for proven ways to grow your business?

Agence stratégie de croissance b to b

For your business to be successful you need the right strategy, consistent execution, and continuous improvement.

Easy to say, harder to achieve when you have a business to run, clients to satisfy, and employees to manage.

You need a partner like Sales Odyssey by your side to support your Growth Strategy and ensure your business success.

How to grow a business?

4 key stats to prove why you need a Growth Strategy

27 %

is the average sales closing rate in the US.

50 %

of your leads are not a good fit for what you sell.

75 %

of B2B buyers use social media to research vendors.

90 %

of B2B buyers say online content has an effect on their purchasing decision.

Are you realizing your company's full potential?

How many prospects do you reach out to every month?

B2B selling is a difficult exercise, you must constantly meet new prospects to acquire new customers. Closely monitoring your prospecting efforts also enables you to identify what works and what does not for your market. 

What Customer Acquisition Channels are you currently utilizing?

The 3 pillars of sustainable growth are customer loyalty, customer acquisition, and referrals. Companies that do not leverage all 3 pillars are not realizing their full potential.

What valuable content have you shared to potential clients in the past month?

You can no longer afford to rely only on traditional advertising or phoning to develop your business. The prospects have changed and so have their expectations. You must regularly bring them value and help them with their problems if you want to gain their trust.

What is your average closing rate of opportunities into clients?

Nobody wants to work for nothing. Yet if you only turn 15% of your quotes into customers it means that 85% of your time is wasted. There are many factors that influence the conversion rate and you need to take them into account to improve your results. Targeting, qualification, sales efficiency, nothing should be left to chance.

How to design & implement an effective Growth Strategy?

We leverage our expertise, our methods, and our innovative tools to grow your business sustainably.

It all starts with your clients; your ability to understand their context, motivations & needs will enable you to better serve them all along their Buyer's Journey.

Our data-driven process informs the right Growth Strategy for your company and your target market. We mutualize efforts across Sales & Marketing to maximize efficiency and improve outcomes.

Effective Growth Strategy

We define your Buyer Personas, we detail Jobs To Be Done and we model their Buyer's Journey.

Buyer Personas Workshop

Understand who your customers are, who are the decision-makers, and the internal champions of your solutions. Leveraging psychology and design thinking we detail their habits, their motivations, and their needs.

Buyer's Journey Mapping

Model the entire journey of your prospects and your presence throughout this journey. This customer-centric methodology is essential to the growth of your business.

Diagnosis and Recommendations

We assess your strengths and weaknesses in your market so that we can build upon what works and innovate to take advantage of new opportunities.

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