High-Growth Approach to Business Development

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Business development is evolving. Salespeople feel it, their job has changed. 

Have you updated your methods?  How does your sales process fit in with your buyer's journey?

How Business Development Can Help Your Company Grow

4 key stats to know about Business Development​

57 %

of the buying journey happens  before a sales rep is involved.

78 %

of Salespeople using Social Media outsell their peers.


average number of touches required to close a prospect.

90 %

of Decision Makers say they never respond to cold outreach.

Are you getting as many sales opportunities as you should?

How many new contacts did you reach out to last quarter?

You have to prospect. There are no shortcuts possible, no "network" big enough that could justify not to prospect. To be efficient, prospecting must be done continuously. It also allows you to remain tuned into your market and its trends to stay ahead of the curve.

Are your Business Development efforts properly supported?

Prospecting is an exciting but demanding exercise. You can no longer simply afford to send a few emails or make a couple of phone calls and hope for the best. Prospecting is essential for your sustainability and to be successful you have to craft the proper experience for your targets. Refine your content, think through your messaging, adopt the appropriate pace,  leverage the right channels and use the best tools... Everything must be perfected to get the results your business needs.

What are the main stages of your sales cycle?

What is your closing rate? What percentage of your opportunities are you closing? Do you have a predictable pipeline and a reliable stream of new business coming in? If your sales process lacks structure it will be harder to know what will and won't close, and when. Clarifying every step your salespeople must follow will not only provide you much more insights in and what information is necessary for the progress of the project cannot be improvised.

Taking a Step Back is The First Step Forward

We offer a Free Strategy Session to discuss:

  • Your Context and your Goals
  • The Strengths and Weaknesses of your current operation
  • Actionable insights and helpful tips

How to Develop a Winning Business Development Plan

Business development is one of the main growth drivers for your business. It is a powerful tool not only to acquire new clients, but also to be aware of your target's evolving needs & perceptions. 

Sales Process Improvements

Efficacité commerciale et process de vente

Do you want to give your excellent team of hunters the best chance of success?

Coaching new customer acquisition methods

We can support your team by providing the best methods and tools for customer acquisition.

How to identify your prospects? How to take advantage of social selling? How to improve conversion metrics?

We give them all the keys to be successful.

Sales Efficiency

To close an opportunity, you must know how to respect the decision-making process of your client, while creating sufficient momentum to engage the client. It sounds simple, yet do you know exactly what are all the stages of your sales cycle?

Continuously High-performing Sales Team

Business development is also a team sport. Whether you have a sales team in place or not, you must structure your sales team to maximize motivation and sales process effectiveness.

B2B Sales Prospecting

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Boost your activity by implementing the best B2B prospecting approach. Targeting, prospecting funnel and messaging nothing is left to chance.

Prospecting Strategy

Who are your targets? What are their challenges? Which prospecting funnel to deploy and at what rate?

Outsourced Sales Prospecting

We carry out prospecting efforts for you and manage the sending of messages through multiple channels. You can focus on what really matters: meeting your prospects!

Lead Generation

Contacting professionals randomly systematically leads to disappointing results, a demotivated team and an empty pipe. We find for you the best leads to contact for your market.

Do you want to learn more about Business Development?​

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